Syncthing on SPARC?

Hi, it would be nice if there was a build for syncthing for the SPARC architecture. I have a NAS that runs linux (with ssh access) that would gladly run syncthing if there was a build for that architecture. Thanks.

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There is no Go compiler for sparc, unfortunately.

Oh, but there is. gccgo?

I would love to have Syncthing running on my NAS (Sparc).

I believe Niklas Sombert uses gccgo to build the packages in his PPA:

Yeah, worth trying.

Which reminds me… @YtvwlD, can you perhaps shut down that PPA and point towards, as it’s quite out of date by now and we build the relevant packages?

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I would like to do syncing between 2 sparc hosts, did anyone successfully compile with the gccgo compiler?

It should work, using GCC 4.10 or newer. (4.9 doesn’t work, as it includes Go 1.2 and we need at least Go 1.3.) I think SPARC is niche enough that you’ll have to install the compiler and try for yourself. :slight_smile:

Sorry for replying that late, but I’ve done this already. (see

All users of supported Ubuntu versions at that time (sorry if you’re using utopic) should have been migrated automatically (by installing syncthing-repo which adds the official repo to the system).

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