Syncthing on ReadyNAS 6 - resurrected

Hi, I am new here and am looking for an open source syncing solution that also supports Netgear ReadyNAS 6. There is a closed discussion with this same title where user earmand refers to a set of instructions on how to build such a version, but the link no longer works.

Has anyone here experience with how to build on ReadyNAS 6.0? If so, any support would be much appreciated.

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10 seconds in Google lead me to: How to install SyncThing on ReadyNas and Autostart

Hope it helps.

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Thank you & sorry - I should indeed have googled myself. This is a bit ironic as I am usually the one who tells people that google is their friend.

I have followed the instructions on but am now stuck in that the webpage looks correct, shows my NAS, and Folders and Devices data. However, when I try to add a device, nothing happens.

OK, managed to add a device. My confusion came from the fact that my Syncthing installation is very slow in reacting. My web-page (:8080) becomes inactive and reloads without my doing anything. Is there anything I can do about that?

Every time I add a device or a folder, I get an error that there was a connection problem. I am on a local LAN with my desktop/browser connecting to the syncthing server on the NAS. For the rest, my NAS works well. So, overall syncthing is unstable for now.

Wait for it to finish scanning and syncing before doing this, as it’s most likely straved on CPU due to it running on a very weal device.

Thank you for your reply. I have no sync’d files etc… . I have waited for an hour or so but when I add a device, I lose the connection. Is my CPU too weak?

Well I don’t know. You shoule check the javascript console to understand why its failing.

These are the errors in the javascript console:

HTTPError Object { data: "CSRF Error ", status: 403, headers: mc/<(), config: Object } syncthingController.js:139:13 
refreshErrors Object { errors: null }

Do you have some browser add-on with prevents cookies or something? Try opening the page in a different tab, or in a different browser.

That was it - I started firefox without addons and everything is OK.

Thank you for your help. This is now very exciting.

Happy to see you got Syncthing up and running. :smile:

Hi, I had been busy with other things but have now revived my Syncthing installation on Readynas. It works but I am concerned about 2 things: a. It runs as root on Readynas. I tried to get it to run as a normal user, but then it cannot create the database etc… Does anyone have any experience on how to run it as a regular user on a linux machine?

b. I have not forwarded any ports on my router for Syncthing and still can sync to my NAS. This is scary. Does this mean I have not set up my security correctly? What information is needed to assess the issue?

Thank you for any help.