Syncthing on OpenWRT distribution


I just discovered syncthing and think to my server situation. Let me explain.

As many other people I upgrade my router capabilities by changing its firmware where I installed OpenWRT (linux distribution). It upgrade my router function to a (file, web, printer, home automation) server functionalities.

Then as I connected an external harddrive to it I (as other users) need to have a syncthing package for this OpenWRT distribution to be able to simply sync my computer, portable and android tablet.

Could you please sincerely consider this need.

Thanks and have a nice daay,


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Which hardware does it run? Link?

I use OpenWRT on my router too and it has the following hardware:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

system type : Atheros AR7161 rev 2 machine : NETGEAR WNDR3700/WNDR3800/WNDRMAC processor : 0 cpu model : MIPS 24Kc V7.4

Here is my current router hardware ASUS WL-500g Premium (Ver 1) :wink: system type : Broadcom BCM47XX processor : 0 cpu model : Broadcom BMIPS3300 V0.6 BogoMIPS : 297.98 wait instruction : yes microsecond timers : yes tlb_entries : 32 extra interrupt vector : yes hardware watchpoint : no ASEs implemented : shadow register sets : 1 kscratch registers : 0 core : 0 VCED exceptions : not available VCEI exceptions : not available

But as said I am really waiting my next router that will be a named Radxa Edge with something like those current existing Radxa Rock specifications

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Miguipda :wink:

Go can be compiled for MIPS using gccgo so it’s possible in theory at least - in practice it might require some tinkering. How much RAM is there in these boxes anyway? If you start up syncthing on another box with the same set of files (or similar) that you want to sync, you can see how much memory it requires. If that is less than what is currently free on the NASes in question I wouldn’t recommend spending too much energy on this.

I’ve been meaning to get the new version of tor ported over to dd-wrt/open-wrt/asus-merlin so have bene getting the toolchain setup. I then started wondering about running SyncThing off my router as well. Did anyone ever try compiling for MIPS/MIPS32 and running it on a router?

My current folders aren’t super huge (a few thousand files each) and Win7 64 is reporting 34MB RAM used (peak set of 45MB) so it should fit on my router… possibly with some services turned off and without tor running.

Might be interesting to try in any case.

Did anybody try a MIPS build. An minimized resource build for RAM and CPU would be ideal.


I will soon use a beter router/server by using the new BananaPi router (BPI-R1 : It runs OpenWRT (router/server applications and allow to use a intern SSD hard drive). Here are some specifications.

Thanks to create a OpenWRT package of Syncthing (

Hardware specification

CPU A20 ARM Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core

GPU ARM Mali400MP2Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1

Memory (SDRAM) 1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU)

Onboard Storage Micro SD (Max. 64GB) card slot UP to 2T on 2.5 SATA disk

Onboard Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ45, WLAN @802.11b/g/n

Video Input A CSI input connector allows for the connection of a designed camera module

Video Outputs HDMI , LVDS/RGB

Audio Output

Audio Input 3.5 mm Jack and HDMI Microphone

Power Source 5 volt via Micro USB(DC In Only)

USB 2.0 Ports

USB Host and Micro USB (OTG) USB Host


Reset button: Next to Power button

Power button: Next to Battery connector

GPIO(2X13) pin

GPIO,UART,I2C bus ,SPI bus with two chip selects,

CAN bus,ADC,PWM,+3.3v,+5v,ground.


Power Key & RJ45

Remote IR

OS Android 4.2, Linux

Interface definition

Produxt size 148 mm × 100mm

Weight 83g

I actually have a multipurpose router (AVM Fritz!box) running a MIPS architecture and I would like to add syncthing as a background job with low CPU priority.


Currently many cheap routers has >128MB memory and usb port available, so could be used as cheap backup node. Also routers could be good place for infrastructure services like relay servers. MIPS packages of strelaysrv could give a boost to the relay network expansion.