Syncthing on Mac, dmg install vs copying binary and plist

Hi forum members,

I’m new to Syncthing and I have a few questions I hope you forum members can help me with.

What are the pros and cons, what do I lose or gain by using the dmg (syncthing-macos) install over copying (macOS Base Syncthing from download page) the binary to bin and syncthing.plist file to ~/Library/LaunchAgents?

E.g. do I lose automatic update if I copy the binary to bin?

From what I understand it is not a good thing to have both installs at the same time, true?


You gain a menubar icon, and you don’t have to understand how to copy files and edit plists. Otherwise the two are equivalent.

Hi Jakob,

Thanks for answering!

So a menubar icon comes with the syncthing-macos (macOS application bundle), can the menubar icon “add on” (for lack of a better word) be added to a macOS Base Syncthing installation(binary and plist copy installation)?

If yes how?


Syncthing-macOS is that addon.