Syncthing on Android seems to work but doesn't get folders

I moved from btsync and have tried syncthing for a while on a Linux-server and several Windows machines. It works fine.

Now I wanted to use it on Android, but after linking the several syncthing devices and designating them all as an “introducing device” no folders are added on my Android.

I’m not getting any message if I want to add the folder I’m propagating. I tried this 2 weeks ago and removed the application. Today I installed the package again, but it is still the same.

When I share The folder that’s available by default on the Nexus (/storage/emulated/0/DCIM) the other servers are getting an announcement and the folder gets shared.

All seems to be working, except the most important thing doesn’t.

All my servers (4) are running syncthing 0.12.9 The client on Android is 0.12.6

My device is a Nexus 6 with 6.01 Android running. The device is rooted. I first tried it with the virgin install. Afterwards I tried it again with syncting running as root. Both acted exactly the same.

Ping @Nutomic

Is “Pong @Nutomic” some shortcode to tell my I should get in touch with you?

Nutomic is the maintainer of Syncthing-Android. By mentioning his name in this thread, he will get a notification, and is more likely to drop by and answer your question.

Ah… Thank you. I will patiently wait then. Do you have some idea for some more info I could provide?

The Android App currently will not show the message “Device … wants to share folder … with you”.

You have to either manually add the folders (same folder ID), or use the WebUI to see the message and add the folder.

After I did this the app went into some loop where it also constantly asks for root-access. I can uninstall the app and reinstall it without root-privileges…

Is the “normal behaviour” to be expected soon on Android?

I never expected it not to work as both the Linux and Windows versions worked fine the last 3 months.

root has some problems, so imho one should only use it if one really really wants to sync something which requires root and is willing to go through some hoops to get it working.

As for the UX for adding folders, there has been an open ticket on github:

I don’t know when this will be implemented in the GUI, especially as this message will only pre populate the folder id, so it is not that difficult to add it manually.

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I have it now working although I couldn’t delete that device from the linux server. I couldn’t add the new one I installed. I removed the entries from the xml-file and it seems to work properly now.

did blow my dataplan as I had my WiFi turned off because I travelled by train this morning :frowning:

syncthing-android has an option to only sync on WiFi.

Which is/should be enabled by default

It’s not enabled by default and not even selectable if one doesn’t turn on background operation. It’s a typical situation on first use, but it could be a very valid reason for removing the app shortly after trying it for the first time.

I have a 3 GB dataplan and have 400 MB left for the next 2 weeks. Only because I enable a warning… Otherwise I would have had nothing.

But you need to have turned on “background sync”, right? Because otherwise you would have started syncthing manually? And in this case the “Syncthing is running” should have been shown in the notifications.

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