Syncthing on Android - please help

Hi, can someone tell me, if there is an option (or how to achieve this behaviour) - on Sailfish OS version my sync was working only when I run the app. I am new to Android. So everything I want is this - when I want to sync files between Android and Windows, I just connect wifi and turn on Syncthing app. No background sync, no autorun etc etc. When I want to stop syncing, I just close the app. I am kinda keen on battery uptime, so I want to minimise battery consumption, I don´t want any of that backgroud “rubbish”. Is any way on android how to achieve this?

It’s practically how I use Syncthing on Android; just open the app when needed and use the menu to properly close the app completely (Menu → Exit). Don’t swipe the app away or anything like that, use the Syncthing-menu.

Is necessary to setup something additional in settings (android or syncthing settings) ?

I disabled “Run conditions”, in Android battery setting I use “optimized”, in behavior I dont use service. Anything else? In comparison with SFOS version, android app seems to me soooooo complicated and messy :smiley:

To my knowledge; no.

When Syncthing is actually running, a service-notification is present (as per Android guidelines). When closing Syncthing via the menu, the whole app including its service(s) shut down and that notification disappears. When Syncthing isn’t open or running in the background, the run conditions aren’t checked either:).

Ah, okay. Thanks :slight_smile: and I found something interesting - I can´t sync Download folder. It seems like some android security sh*t, is this normal? And one more thing - I often see in log on my PC that connection was forcibly closed

“Connection to KRDK73I at closed: reading length: read tcp> wsarecv: Stávající připojení bylo vynuceně ukončeno vzdáleným hostitelem.”

But syncing is working okay. When I use Sailfish OS version on old phone, nothing like this appears. Where should I search for a problem?

Just one caveat regarding closing the app from the notification - for the “Exit” button to appear, you need to disable “start on boot” in the app settings.

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