syncthing on android never finshes scanning

hi there.

i use syncthing for syncing photos between 2 android phones. i’ve been doing this successfully for months or even years. i usually never look at the second phone so realized just now that it has not been working right for the past two months.

im syncing the camera folder with just a few hundred photos, this works. im also syncing the whatsapp images folder, which stopped working at 38747 images. there are more than 39k in there now which i can see with total commander, but syncthing keeps reporting it synced 38747/38747. these are on the second phone, but no newer ones, newer ones only from the camera folder.

i disabled “watch for changes” and i also clicked “rescan all” in web gui. now it’s been saying “scanning” for hours. “recent changes” in webgui says nothing.

what can i do to debug the situation?

It sounds like Syncthing might have lost access to the WhatsApp images folder.

From Syncthing’s web GUI, under the remote devices panel, does it say if any items are out of sync?

yes, there are items out of sync. only 4 from the whatsapp folder, and basically all from the camera folder? but that folder is synced nicely.

What does Syncthing say about the items that are out of sync?

It’s interesting that all the files from the camera folder are flagged as being out of sync, but yet appears to be in sync when you check the file count.

Because the two endpoints are both Android, filenames shouldn’t be the problem.

Under the web GUI, in a folder’s settings there’s an option labeled “Ignore Permissions”. By default permissions are preserved, but when two devices aren’t the same operating system (e.g., Windows ↔ macOS), and/or the destination filesystem doesn’t support user permissions (e.g., FAT), it can cause issues.

Also under the web GUI, the settings menu has a “Logs” selection. Within the logs, there’s a debugging facilities tab where various additional options can be selected to help with tracking down issues.

An example of one of the missing files and/or screenshots Syncthing from both ends would be extremely helpful, otherwise it’s going to be mostly guesses.

ignore permissions is yes. i did not set that and cannot change it.

i now enabled fs and scanner debug.

i cant copy the log here bc parts of it are interpreted as links and apparently im limited to 2 links per post.

syncthing[1].log (7.9 KB)

that is a very short log. are there others hidden somewhere?

please tell me more precisely what you need to help me.

no more ideas anyone?

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