Syncthing on a WD My Cloud with clean install of Debian 7

My WD My Cloud NAS server is running a base installation of Debian Linux 7.8 and Syncthing (ie with no WD software installed). I used to use Dropbox to keep files in sync between my laptop and desktop but after Dropbox dropped (is that why it’s called Dropbox?) my free 50GB limit I decided to go the local route. The NAS server is always on, but the PC and laptop are almost never on at the same time. Both run Linux (currently Mint 17). Syncing large amounts of data is horrendously slow using the My Cloud but I found that if I first manually create the copies using rcp -rp there is no copying to do when the folders are first added to Syncthing. I don’t make big changes to the data, so the My Cloud copes OK.

The My Cloud also stores all our music, photos and videos which are accessed by NFS on a Raspberry Pi running Kodi (formerly XBMC). I also want to try OpenVPN on the My Cloud but haven’t got round to it yet.

Nothing fancy or complicated, but the emphasis is on reliability and Open Source. Thanks to the team at Syncthing - it’s brilliant!