syncthing on a raspberry Pi4B


Will the binary for Linux run on this hardware (4GB RAM)? I read the RPi’s are 32bits, so can install/updates be done as stated @ ?

I’d like to set a “Receive only” Folder for about 10GB. Do you know any obstacle(s) that will make me fail ?

Thank you

It should. Also, I think you can use 64bit arm version on rpi4 I believe.

Beeing a fullNewb on Rasp and halfNewb in linux, I’ll stick for a while to Raspbian which is 32bits AFAIK and I read somewhere some 64bits distros are not supported and may have bug(s?) with the GPU or video thing. Before you replied I went to wander I’d use syncthing for Android because of the ARM proc.

Thank you Audrius. Have a nice day

Raspbian is a derivative of debian and as such the aptitude/apt/.deb versions will work fine on a raspberry. Installing via apt will take care of installing a compatible architecture.

For raspbian that will probably be armv7l (32 bits) even though the newer raspberrys have an armv8 (64 bits) processor - the official raspbian image has not changed (yet) afaik. Some day probably.

This means for syncthing that the limits of this architecture apply, e.g at most ~3GB of virtual memory can be addressed.

FYI I’m running Syncthing on that spec Pi: 66k files, 211GiB data and it handles the setup without any problems.

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