Syncthing occasionally disabled...

Hi, I love Syncthing and am fairly new to using it. A problem cropped up recently that I hope you can help me with…

I have a Mac and use the Browser GUI to sync with my Android phone. I occasionally get “Remote Device Disconnected” on the Mac even though the phone is close to it and on the same WiFi network.

On the phone I can “Exit or change run conditions” of the app. Neither of which helps.

I get the sync working again by force quitting the phone app and reopening it.

Any advice on how the connection can be made more stable?


Android 13, MacBook Pro - Mojave, Syncthing v1.23.4.

Did you turn off Battery Optimisation for Syncthing on your phone (set to Unrestricted)? Otherwise Syncthing’s background processes may get killed at any given point by Android.

Thanks, however Syncthing has unrestricted background data. The connection problem occurs occasionally after I return home and Syncthing is therefore able to join the WiFi network but doesn’t. It’s not a big problem, I can easily quit and reopen the app, but it would be nice to have Syncthing working reliably!

@Tom100 , not background data. Battery optimization is what @er-pa wrote. :slight_smile: Check that as well.

I noticed in Run Conditions that “Respect Android battery saving Settings” was checked. I suppose this could have caused the problem. Have unchecked it and will see how it goes.

That is a Syncthing setting. The battery optimization setting we are talking about is a Android setting.

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