syncthing notification or kde relayed notification ?

can anybody tells me is this syncthing msg is fr syncthing itself ? or it comes from kde-connect that reflect the notification of android to laptop ? i asked such a stupid question, becuase kde does forward the notification msg here and there… hence causing a lot of confusion of double warning…

this “sync” msgs keep popping up as i am syncing between android and laptop

also, why there are 2 "accept folder “DCIM” " ?


I have no idea why you are seeing this. This is not some built in functionality and must be provided by an external tool, so I don’t think anyone here will be able to answer the questions about KDE.

i am on manjaro xfce… not kde i do have kde-connect installed on my manjaro xfce.

That still doesn’t change the “I have no idea, this is not our feature”.

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