syncthing - not working on android 9

Hello everyone,

i installed syncthing on my Nokia 6.2 with AndroidOne (which is the same as Android 9) from google play. I started syncing files but the didn’t work. I finally tested a plain-text file and the phone writes just nonsense in the file on the receiving phone. Looks like encrypted or something like that.

I turned of compression of data and metadata but it didn’t help. Syncing between all other nodes works fine.

I also uploaded a from the android into a folder, it is correctly transmitted to a windows system.

Any ideas on how to fix this ?

Did you try that in a new isolated folder or a folder owned by some other app?

It’s the first I heard of this, but I wonder if your android does something like per-app encryption, hence suggest you setup a simple folder managed by syncthing app

The phones Camera standard shared folder transmits to Windows node normally…

Sorry, so whats the problem?

The files that the android system is receiving are scrambled.

I had the SD card formatted, so that it would be added to the internal memory. Which is a standard possibility in android. Apparently this lead to files that syncthing received were somehow coded in a way that the were unusable.

Since then, i have reformatted the SD card as mobile storage and now it seems to work fine. Well, syncthing that is, where I can explicitly store data on the SD card. But now apps like WhatsApp fill my internal storage with files…

In any case, syncthing should have worked in the config I had before, too.

Hi @heinrich-k

Which folder path did you point Syncthing to when you had it formatted as internal storage when the files came up scrambled? I suspect the path was probably wrong because Android has a lot of mount points available for the same physical storage.


The letter two folders were created by me. Also another directory was

/storage/emulated/0/Downloads and /storage/emulated/0/DMCI (or so, the camera folder) The latter of which was “send only” and automatically created by Syncting, however I switched it to both way syncing, so my “ignore list file” would be transmitted to the phone…

But I had also strange behaviour with Pokemon Go, where the App crashed and lost user data (specifically the age verification at the start), while the SD Card was formatted internal memory. This doesn’t happen now, since I changed it.

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Okay, thanks for the details :-). /storage/emulated/0 is fine, I’m also using it on my xiaomi phone where it only represents internal storage. Can you somehow reproduce the synced file corruption so I can try your exact steps on my hardware? Maybe asking too much but I don’t have any other idea or advice at hand.

Sorry. I didn’t store the scrambled files and I don’t really want to reset the phone again. Maybe if someone else comes into this situation, he or she might be able to provide the corrupted files.

OK, no problem.

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