syncthing not updating directory


I have problem with syncthing where I have a directory full of photos, but when I add files to the photo directory, not all of the photos get synced.

this is the gui on my desktop. The problem occurs for both my desktop and my laptop changing the directory.

I made a subdirectory in the photo directory and tried to sync it separately, however sync thing was not detecting the 2 files inside the dubdirectory


did you wait 1 hour to check sync status? : maybe you disabled system change detection.

no error messages in log?

no exclusion?

Thank you for your reply.

in the logs I have

2024-03-03 09:33:02 Completed initial scan of sendreceive folder "photos"

I have also had over 1 hour uptime on syncthing, and clicked rescan on the gui.

I also have “watch for changes” checked off in the folder settings.

I also am not exluding anything as far as i can tell.

Could you repost screenshots of Syncthing’s web UI from both the desktop and laptop with the corresponding “photos” folder panel details showing?

How is Syncthing installed and started on each device? (i.e., directly on the host OS, in a Docker container, etc.)

Any additional details such as file system type would also be helpful.

I am a little busy at the moment so I can’t get those gui screen shots right now (I’ll get them later this week)

syncthing is started by my init system (openrc) and are started on default run level It is installed directly on my host os from the package manager(emerge on gentoo).

filesystem for both desktop and laptop are ext4

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