Syncthing not syncing

Hi there, I am struggling to get syncthing to sync, not sure what I have set up wrongly, here is an SSTRACE. I would appreciate any suggestions! :slight_smile:

pi@raspberrypi /usr/bin $ SSTRACE=model syncthing [monitor] 13:32:40 INFO: Starting syncthing [HQQHX] 13:33:12 INFO: syncthing v0.11.19 (go1.4.2 linux-arm default) unknown-user@syncthing-builder 2015-08-09 09:56:22 UTC [HQQHX] 13:33:12 INFO: My ID: HQQHXXE-XXXXXXX [HQQHX] 13:33:12 INFO: Database block cache capacity 8192 KiB [HQQHX] 13:35:51 OK: Ready to synchronize Documents (read-write) [HQQHX] 13:36:40 OK: Ready to synchronize Pictures (read-write) [HQQHX] 13:36:40 INFO: Starting web GUI on [HQQHX] 13:37:03 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of folder Pictures [HQQHX] 13:38:33 INFO: Starting local discovery announcements [HQQHX] 13:38:33 INFO: Local discovery over IPv6 unavailable [HQQHX] 13:38:33 INFO: Starting global discovery announcements [HQQHX] 13:38:33 INFO: Device F3ELLWJ-XXXXXXX is “laptop” at [dynamic] [HQQHX] 13:38:34 INFO: Device HQQHXXE-XXXXXXX is “raspberrypi” at [dynamic] [HQQHX] 13:38:34 INFO: Device KWROMFA-XXXXXXX is “desktop” at [dynamic] [HQQHX] 13:38:34 INFO: Invalid IGD response: invalid device UUID upnp-InternetGatewayDevice-1_0-2cb05d133f83 (continuing anyway) [HQQHX] 13:38:35 INFO: API listening on [HQQHX] 13:38:41 INFO: Established secure connection to KWROMFA-XXXXXXX at [HQQHX] 13:38:42 INFO: Device KWROMFA-XXXXXXX client is “syncthing v0.11.19” [HQQHX] 13:38:42 INFO: Device KWROMFA-XXXXXXX name is “desktop” [HQQHX] 13:38:44 INFO: New UPnP port mapping: external port 27729 to local port 22000. [HQQHX] 13:38:58 INFO: Established secure connection to F3ELLWJ-XXXXXXX at [HQQHX] 13:38:59 INFO: Device F3ELLWJ-XXXXXXX client is “syncthing v0.11.19” [HQQHX] 13:38:59 INFO: Device F3ELLWJ-XXXXXXX name is “laptop” [HQQHX] 13:40:01 INFO: Connected to already connected device (F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX) [HQQHX] 13:43:00 INFO: Connected to already connected device (F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX) [HQQHX] 13:44:13 INFO: Connected to already connected device (F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX) [HQQHX] 13:45:27 INFO: Connected to already connected device (F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX) [HQQHX] 13:46:47 INFO: Connected to already connected device (F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX) [HQQHX] 13:48:01 INFO: Connected to already connected device (F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX) [HQQHX] 13:48:12 INFO: Connection to F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX closed: EOF [HQQHX] 13:50:47 INFO: Established secure connection to F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX at [HQQHX] 13:50:47 INFO: Device F3ELLWJ-XXXXXX client is “syncthing v0.11.19”

It looks fine, it managed to connect, can you define not syncing? Also screenshots from both sides would help.

Thanks Audrius, here are the screenshots.

As you can see from the first image, of the RPI-web-gui I cant even get much info from the, and the sstrace gives me:

2015/08/11 16:06:15 http: TLS handshake error from read tcp i/o timeout

The desktop’s sycthing seems to work fine, it sent a 50mg test file to the laptop, then when I deleted it on the laptop, it was deleted on the desktop. But, none of this works for the rpi. The rpi also seems to be hung at “Syncing 50%” for example.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

quoting myself here:

Yeah I don’t have the GUI open normally (following your precious advice Alex) and I also have adjusted the pingtimeouts on all the computers - its just I was asked for a screenshot and thats all I can get from the RPI. It still doesn’t sync even when the gui is closed - thats the issue here for me

I think its still going through the initial scan/index exchange as it’s failing to even load the ui properly (unless you really don’t have any folders)

Yeah, I think you are right… It must have been still doing the initial index/scan. I’m just impatient!

It seems to be working now, 6+ hours after starting up Syncthing on the RPI. Btsync didn’t take anywhere near as long, with the index or the sync, so that gave me the wrong measure for how long it should be taking.

Thanks for your help and patience @AudriusButkevicius and @Alex

Also, @Alex is syncthing-bolt much better for the RPI? Would it be better for people to use that?

I don’t need to increase pingTimeout with that any more, running it for almost 3 weeks now without problems. But you need to rescan everything again when switching :wink: