Syncthing not starting anymore with File not found error

I have Syncthing running on multiple Windows machines using SyncTrayzor with no issues. But on one of them I noticed the sync wasn’t running anymore since a few weeks, it turns out that Syncthing fails to start every time with the following log output:

syncthing.log (1.7 KB)

Starting Syncthing.exe from command line does the same. I uninstalled SyncTrayzor, cleaned all leftovers from %appData% and reinstalled, also replaced the SyncTrayzor-distributed syncthing.exe with latest 1.18.0 from github with no change. I created a whole new user account to try there on a clean sheet, same issue.

Any idea what the problem could be?

OS: Win10 21H1, 19043.1110.

If you have any other log files they may help suggest what initially caused them problem. The log you attached isn’t very informative. My guess would be data corruption/loss on your storage device.

To make sure that you’re running a clean installation I’d suggest to uninstall SyncTrazyor, then clean the leftovers from %appdata% and %localappdata% (SyncTrayzor and Syncthing).

Once that’s done, reboot and reinstall the latest version of SyncTrayzor.

Unfortunately don’t have any earlier logs since this stopped working weeks ago and those that were still there were just endless repeats of what I posted above. Here’s the synctrayzor output and a log from syncthing with STTRACE=app,walkfs

SyncTrayzor.log (5.1 KB) syncthing.log (2.6 KB)

C:\Users\temp\AppData\Local\Syncthing\syncthing.log is created but stays empty.

Yeah as mentioned in the previous post I’ve already done just that, and even a new user account in case it was something with the Windows user profile… :frowning:

Is the binary still there after you try to launch it?

To me it feels like the antivirus is getting in the way as it seems files go missing as you start it.

Did you try just launching the process via cmd without synctrayzor? Is the panic the same?

Yes the binary stays there, and the output above was from command line, same.

Hadn’t thought about AV but I don’t have any other than Windows Defender, I just tried disabling it and no change :frowning:

I’ve also done the lot of scandisk, DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and sfc /scannow in case something was wrong at system level…

Really at a loss on this one.

Sorry, but no idea either.

I can’t think of any suggestions other than starting to add print statements to the code and compiling a custom version to see and whats happening here.

Feels like os.Args somehow ends up potentially empty?

Wow, found it by chance. Was going to set up to build on that machine, and when going to clone the repo git happened to also have broken, also with a null-related error - and searching for that I found this:

I did indeed have the Null service missing for some reason, and reinstating it fixed both git and syncthing.


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