Syncthing not publishing anymore IPv6 IP to discovery


I’m running a set-up with two Raspis for local file synchronization with mobile devices each. In addition, these Raspis are connected over the internet via IPv6 and I have my own discovery server with static IPs and proper A / AAAA entries. During some time in November global sync established via the discovery server isn’t working, i.e. not connected anymore, whereas local sync still works without issues. For troubleshooting I checked the communication of my discovery server behind the Apache proxy. There the clients are posting JSON data to indicate locally visible IPs. The strange thing is that only generic IPs like tcp:// and the local IPv4 address are included, but not the dedicated IPv6 of the particular Raspi. This obviously explains why connection between both Syncthing instances failed, but I don’t understand why the individual IPv6 IPs aren’t published anymore, without me doing any changes to the configuration?

Any hints / support appreciated Andreas

Are you running syncthing natively or in a container environment?

Generic IPs just tell the discovery server to store the address from which it received the request. Local IPs are also published to improve connectivity for deployments where the local discovery doesn’t work. This is sadly an issue on newer Android releases.

You can also query your discovery server with the device ID to examine to stored addresses:

Thanks for pointing me on how to use the query string. It turned out that my discovery server got somehow broken. But since I don’t need it anymore due to slightly changed setup, I’ll simply delete it.

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