Syncthing not noticing new files in a folder

I have my main pc where I backup my files to my Raspberry pi, I only send from pc and receive from on Pi All was synced but I added some files recently on my PC.

And Syncthing doesn’t pick up these files, if I say rescan all it just says up to date but I am sure it is not.

Any help is appreciated!

The files being undetected is likely yet another issue, but please also be aware that there is a known issue of file watching not working on drive root paths in Windows (like D: in your case). This means that new files will only be detected by Syncthing during a rescan (which in your case happens every hour).

But like I said, even with a rescan they don’t get noticed …

And also these files not in the D:\ directory but some folders levels deep not sure if that makes a difference

Would it help if I would put everything in a folder on the D drive?

To anyone that encounters the same problem, putting everything into a folder so that D:\ isn’t the folder to sync helped!