Syncthing not copying files

Hi, trying to migrate from BTSync to syncthing. I have a setup involving a couple of computers, a tablet and a phone. Each syncs a differnet set of repositories. They all seem to connect and communicate just fine. However, for some large repositiories such as my pictures repo there is a consistent list of about 5000 files that should be synced between two computers - however nothing is actually copied. After around three full days the repo on one is still 20gig and on the other there is still 35. The GUI cycles between showing 100% sync and then dropping to about 56% sync, sometimes the CPU hits the roof and there seems to be transfers but the number of files on the laptop is not increasing nor the number of files to sync decreasing in the GUI.

There are no error messages from syncthing as far as I can see on either computer. The same seems to be the case for syncing to phone/tablet, no files are actually copied a single test PDF is not copied after three days. I’d love some help with where to even start for this, any ideas for things to look at? I like the look of Syncthing so much and appreciate how far it seems to have come in a short time. However, it would be really great to actually get some files synced.

Can you, just to narrow things down, start with a simpler setup and see what happens? There are various reasons files might not be synchronized correctly, but pretty much all of them should result in at least an error message on the console…

Right, I’ve dropped all repos but the photo-repo and all nodes but the laptop. Also deleted the indexes on both nodes. WIll let you know what happens, and thanks for all your hard work on the project.

Killing the indexes seems to have allowed succesfull sync of 16 gigs of photos, re-adding repos one by one now to see if one in particular is responsible for the lack of sync. Issuses with Android client seems unrelated since this shows “Unknown repo” messages when connectiong to nodes.