Syncthing not auto starting on Nokia G42

I am using Syncthing to sync a few folders between 2 PC’s and 2 phones. The Syncthing app will not obey the auto start option (Start service automatically on boot) on one of the phones - a Nokia G42.

Manually opening the app causes all the folder syncs to start as expected.

This is not a problem on the other phone - a Samsung A22. Auto start works fine on that device and I don’t have to do anything.

Why might the Nokia be ignoring the auto start option?

This sounds like a Nokia problem rather than a Syncthing problem. You may want to check if there is anything to change in the OS settings following Otherwise, the question may be better suited for Nokia- or Android-related forums, unless there is someone else here that uses a similar device and has managed to fix the issue on their side.

Thanks for the reply - Yes I agree probably not a syncthing issue, but was hoping someone may have had a similar experience. Thanks for the link - That’s interesting although seems to suggest newer Nokia phones shouldn’t be problematic. I’ll look into that further. Also haven’t had much luck with responses on Nokia related forums (they’ve swapped their support forum for a discord server which seems quite dead!) I’ll try some android forums as the issue (and potential workarounds) might be wider.

I remember there once was a workaround in the fork targeting Nokia power saver problem. Don’t know if it still helps on that platform.

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