Syncthing not appearing in data usage settings

Recently I noticed that Syncthing is not appearing in Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage. The Syncthing app page in Settings > Apps & Notifications also shows no data usage for the app in the past 30 days despite it completing numerous successful transfers during that time. I also found that Android OS had unusually high data usage (about 1.2 GB). Is it possible that Syncthing’s data usage is being recorded under Android OS instead of the app itself?

I am running Syncthing in superuser mode on a rooted Android device.

I suspect it’s because youbare running it as root, as each app on android has it’s own user account and I suspect android uses that to track network usage.


Yeah that makes sense.

I dug through my logs a little more and found that the data usage of Android OS matches the Syncthing logs fairly well which seems to confirm that.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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