Syncthing no longer starts

Syncthing was in the middle scanning of one of my larger sets and it restarted (or crashed and restart.)

Now, it doesn’t start and the last lines in the log is:

INFO: Database block cache capacity 65536 KiB FATAL: Cannot open database: leveldb/table: corruption on table-footer (pos=1970978): bad magic number [file=773017.ldb] - Is another copy of Syncthing already running?

I assume corrupted database?

Yes, just nuke the database.

Are you sure you don’t have hardware failures (check dmesg)? I’ve noticed quite some issues lately, maybe it’s time we should push the bolt branch a bit further?

I do think we need a way to migrate the database. This is because if the clients are not in sync, all differences will result in a conflicting file. This is especially problematic when devices contain ‘old’ data.

Yeah, that did it. Hopefully a fluke, I’ve observed that usually Syncthing is pretty good about non-graceful shutdowns. :blush:

Edit: agreed with the above, everything going out of sync is kind of a bummer. I’d be interested in an update bolt branch. Does that look like where ST is going towards?

Depends on feedback from the community

Well, this member is delighted with it. Whatever issue I was having is gone with that build and the rebuild took significantly less time. :smile:

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