should provide a link to the documentation


I think it would be great if the has a clearly marked link to the latest documentation and a link to where to start to make things easier for people. Sure one can search the web to hit the support page, but why? A clearly marked documentation link can help.

There are couple links in there but not obvious. An area that is called “Support” with relevant links is always beneficial.

Feel free to make a pull request.

It does however say:

Make sure to check out the [link]Getting Started Guide if you need help.

Except that i do not know anything about web development. It would have been nice. I will look into it though, maybe it is not as hard as I assume.

@totoba Good point. If you’d like to contribute directly you’re very welcome to! No need to be a programmer or HTML expert - the web site and documentation can be changed by non-experts.

Here’s some pointers on how you can suggest changes. It’s worth reading the contribution guidelines but a simple change to the home page isn’t a complex job so some of them won’t necessarily apply. You can do all of this via the Github web site without any programming or HTML tools.

The Github project page lists all of the Syncthing project repositories. The Syncthing web site has its own repository where anyone can submit ideas for changes to the site which can then be easily approved by an administrator to apply the changes.

The home page of is contained within the index.html file. Once you’re logged into Github you can click on the edit icon just above, and to the right, of the file contents; it’s a small pencil icon. Once you’ve made your changes add a terse description in the first text box under “Commit changes” at the bottom, according to the guidelines. No need to use the “extended description” text box for a small change. Create a Pull Request and someone will come along and discuss/apply the changes.