Syncthing makes another copy of selected folder on the same device

Hi there

I just installed Syncthing on both my Linux box and android phone, to sync two types of files: my notes (located on the laptop) and photos (located on the phone) between them.

I started with notes, from Syncthing web GUI on the laptop I added a new folder, I wrote the path of my folder notes inside Folder Path filed, give it a label, and select my phone to share with it.

My phone is able now to see that folder and receive a copy of its files, BUT Syncthing makes another copy of those file on my laptop inside Sync folder.

So right now I have two copies of my notes on the laptop, one on their original path, and another inside Sync folder. This seems a strange behavior for me, what if I’m going to select another folder to sync with 10 GB, I’ll end up with 20 on the laptop?

I feel like I miss something with settings.


Please provide a screenshot of the laptop side.

My money is on more than one folder setup somewhere. Possibly with auto accept enabled for a device on the laptop so you have multiple shares of the same content going to different destinations.

Thanks for your reply.

I figured out the problem. The default folder on my laptop is ~/Sync, and it linked with another folder called Sync on my phone. At this point, there was no problem.

When I added my ~/Doc/Notes folder from the laptop to a Syncthing list, my phone asked me if I want to accept the new sharing folder, and when I was asked to select a path for it, I create one called Notes inside Sync on Android!

so when I returned to ~/Sync on the laptop I surprised why I have Notes inside it :smiley:

Sorry for bothering you.

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