syncthing-macos is broken on macOS 13.2.1

Dear Syncthing community,

Issue #192 on github is create because a user tried to install Syncthing macOS (probably fresh) on macOS 13.2.1. It seems it is broken and doesn’t display a status bar icon at all.

There is also an outstanding issue where the notification area is spammed on macOS 13 here: Background Items Added (notification loop) · Issue #186 · syncthing/syncthing-macos · GitHub

Unfortunatly I have no hardware as the main developer to test/develop on macOS 13.

Apple probably did change and break some features with macOS 13 ;-(

Can somebody help me out?

Kind regards, Jerry

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For what it’s worth, it appears to work fine for me. (Though it seems a bit confused about whether Synchting is running or not since it didn’t start it itself, I don’t think that’s new, though?)

Yeah it seems the auto-updater kills the Syncthing tray application but the service is probably zombied and still running. A system reboot (bad) or process kill will probably resolve it.

Thanks for the reply @calmh

Did you experience issues with the Notification loop bug under 13.2.1 @calmh ?

I don’t know, what would trigger a notification?

Probably the Swift code you wrote for the syncthing daemon process management does something and doesn’t put syncthing “in the background”. But it is very very odd this causes spamming of the notification area. Nothing from our code has changed, only the OS.

Ah, yeah, don’t know. I don’t run the macos integration normally, Syncthing is a launchd service, I just ran it now to test.

The macOS launchd is a little more for power uses, but for plug-and-play behaviour it is not so handy.

I’m the OG Syncthing power user.

Can’t say that I can reproduce either issue on 13.2.1. The tray icon in the top seems to work fine. And the background notifications don’t appear, let alone in a spammy fashion.

I have had that issue regarding the background notifications with two different applications (one of which was uninstalled and obviously didn’t even run) before. In my case it had something to do with some old items in the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons folders. At least, cleaning those places op resolved that issue without breaking anything. Can’t say I deducted the actual cause, I just wanted to get rid of the notifications:)


Thanks guys, your feedback is highly appreciated.

It seams on my setup the ~/Library/LaunchDaemons doesn’t exist or is somewhere else and the contents of the ~/Library/LaunchAgents doesn’t contain a syncthing-macos entry:

jerry@Jerrys-iMac ~ % ls ~/Library/LaunchAgents/		org.virtualbox.vboxwebsrv.plist

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