syncthing-macOS app not opening on install

I installed syncthing-macOS (Syncthing-1.22.2-1.dmg). I now have a syncthing app icon - but when I click to open it - nothing seems to open. So,I installed the base syncthing, followed the Meeting Started Guide and went to the web GUI at http://localhost:8384/ Here I can see the set up screen.

Just wondering what the Syncthing App is supposed to do: is it supposed to open an app interface as an alternative to the web interface? If so, what do I need to do to get it to open correctly? Or Is it best just to use the GUI web interface at http://localhost:8384/ (and delete the app)?

Just trying to understand best/easiest way to work with syncthing.

Thank you!

One of syncthing-macos’ features is launching a user’s preferred web browser and pointing it at Syncthing’s web UI URL when its tray icon is clicked.

If you also installed Syncthing from the official package, you likely have two Syncthing runtimes (syncthing-macos bundles and auto-updates its own copy) which can cause conflicts when they both try to use network port 8384 and 22000, so it’s best to choose one or the other.

It’s really a personal choice. Some people prefer to have a system tray/dock app so wrappers such as syncthing-macos fill that need.

None of the existing wrappers support all of Syncthing’s configuration options so it’s something to keep in mind.

Thank you! If I keep the syncthing-macOS dock app - can I still access all the configuration options by going to the web interface?

I can delete one of the Syncthing installations so there isn’t a conflict - just considering whether I can keep the dock interface and still access all the configuration options.

Yes. Think of the Syncthing wrapper apps as the simple TV remote for the cable box vs. the kitchen sink version that came with the TV which controls every function.

On my Linux laptop I use a tray launcher/notification app for quickly checking the sync status, but only use Syncthing’s web GUI for configuration changes. Even on my phone I prefer the web GUI.

Thank you! Is there any guidance for uninstall on MacOS?

macOS apps tend to be neat bundles that can be easily uninstalled simply by dropping the application folder into the trash.

For extra measure, reboot macOS, then review the list of active processes with the Activity Monitor app or with the shell command ps -aux | grep -i syncthing in a terminal.

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