syncthing login on synology - locked out?

I have syncthing running on my Synology DS115j.

It is working (although very slow so far).

I’ve been monitoring it via the web UI. I don’t remember having to use a password to show the page.

I use my normal admin login to open the Synology browser page, and click on my synology icon on it, then it opens a new tab for syncthing. (normal so far)

But ever since this morning the syncthing page keeps asking for username and password, and my normal password is not working.

Am i correct that it used to just open? If it is password locked, is there a way to reset it from the Synology side?

You can check in config.xml if there are entries in the strings “user” and “password”. If so, I would save a copy of the config.xml and delete the entries between the characters > <, in the example xxxxx and yyyyy


If that not work, you have the copy of the config.xml to restore.

Sorry, but how and where do i find the config.xml file?

Thats different. Maybe


but basically in the main folder of installation or data. So, you must search.

Sorry, but again HOW?

It seems, there is no CLI for that. Doe you have experience with CMD tools like PuTTY, Note++, maybe WinSCP etc…? Or what you using to maintain your DS?

For the DS115j, i have only used it’s web browser ui for everything i’ve done.

I have minimal knowledge as far as using CMD for linux commands. I’ve had to use some in windows, but not excessive.

I’ve heard of PuTTY, and understand it is a console type interface to the system that bypasses the GUI. But i have never had to actually use it.

Maybe we use at first other possibilities. Doe you delete your browser cache and close the browser? Doe you try different browsers? Was maybe a auto key function in action, which usually doesnt need?

I tried a different browser, and a different pc.

Andy already explained where config.xml file lives, you need to find and modify that. You can also try running syncthing -paths on the command line and see if it gives you the paths.

If you don’t know how to get to those directories via PuTTy, how to use the command line to open and modify files, please do some research yourself by using Google.

We are here to help and explain things about syncthing, and we are not here to teach you how to do basic things with a computer on the command line.

To be honest, if you don’t know how to do these things already, I suspect syncthing might be too complicated for you. It’s not a very polished product when it comes to user friendlyness, so you’re expected to have some experience under your belt when you start using it.

Thanks for all the info so i know what direction to head with my further research.

I completely understand that I need to find some info on my own, I didn’t mean to come across as “that guy” that needs everything done for them, I was just willing to accept any pointers that anybody would offer.

Again, thanks for the help.

We shouldn’t deal with these things here, is better in the right forums. I assume that you understand the German language, if not, I was wrong. Otherwise, find yourself in the Synology forum.

The forum is very competent and helpful and I recommend that you use the search function there. There are tons of articles on how to get to your DS with PuTTY as root user, better still with WinSCP. WinSCP has its own editor, but Note++ is better, also UTF8-compliant and can be integrated into WinSCP.

Otherwise you only have the option to reinstall Syncthing, in this case you can maybe check in the package center if Syncthing is among the installed APPs. If so, you can also bite into the sour apple, uninstall the package and reinstall it. Is the package not there, you can probably save yourself that, because then we are back on the topic above with WinSCP etc.

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