Syncthing Lite update 0.3.6 not at Google Play only provides version 0.3.5, but I created 0.3.6 at shows “Success”, but I couldn’t find anything related to uploading in the build log.

It needs to be promoted off the beta track most likely.

Why is it at the beta track? Nothing has/ should have changed since the last releases and at the other releases it worked.

Actually no, 0.3.5 is in release, and beta is not used in general. There is a separate builder for making a release. I suspect you don’t have access to it.

It’s not enough just to make a repease on github.

I thought that this separate builder is triggered by making a release at GitHub. At least that’s how I interpret

Perhaps that was the intention how to set it up, but in practice its not how it works. I can see the release build has 4 commits since last release.

So who can I contact to create a release? This are only 4 commits but there is a big change in one of them (because it was merged as a pull requests, all commits of it were stashed into one).

I’ve kicked it off now.

Can/ should I send a message here using @AudriusButkevicius next time when I created a release?

It’s again time for a release. was a big problem in the previous release (but only in release builds …) and is fixed now.

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Sorry I didn’t check the forum recently. Here is the relevant discussion about this on Github (thought you would be notified about it).