SyncThing Lite - Issues Syncing/Retrieving Files

Just started on SyncThing, from the descriptions, if I don’t want to sync my entire library (or anything) automatically, I should use “SyncThing Lite” from the playstore. I’ve installed it, it crashed the first attempt to add a device, then it worked, shows all files, but clicking on some it says “Downloading XYZ - 52% 31389/60163” and won’t go any further, with others having similar errors".

I seriously want to replace DropBox, but I need to be able to sync to my android phone, not just my linux machines. Selective Sync or Select TO Sync is a must as I don’t have much space on my phone sometimes.

On the Web GUI, it says “Syncing 0%, 52.9MiB” Out of Sync Items: 104, ~52.9MiB.

What can I do?

Not much, the app is not maintained.

Not sure what you mean by that, but did you try the other app? You can still choose which folders (the smartphone directories or the Syncthing folders) you want to share from your phone with your other Syncthing devices.

Use the normal app and setup a shared folder between your machines and the phone for the fata you want to share. If you only want to send data from your phone use the option sendonly on the phone.

For the rest of the data you can just setup folders between your linux machines.

If you just want to exclude some files you can set them up as ignored on the phone.

I chose the LITE version as I thought everything was synced to the main version. But I’ve installed the main version and using the “SEND ONLY” option, I have the same issue. I’ve decided however that my phone can handle the amount of data so I’ve removed send only for now.

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