Syncthing Lite Android

syncthing/syncthing-lite at GitHub (sorry, I am limited to 2 links per post) says:

This project is a currently unmaintained experiment. You are welcome to fork it and continue experimenting. Should you, after doing so, feel that you wish to assume the maintainer role please get in touch on the forum.

That’s what I do now. I did a few things (see and am interested in maintaining it.

I made some changes to syncthing-java (see at to fix the global discovery (was using old, not anymore existent discovery servers) and to allow chosing a device from the local network during the setup instead of writing/ scanning its ID. (Do gradlew install here before compiling in Android Studio)


Make pull requests against the original projects.

This is not possible. Look at

This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only. (banner from GitHub)

This prevents everything (including Merge Requests).

Additionally, my fork is at GitLab (but moving to GitHub would be possible, but there is still the first problem)

I have unarchived the project, so it is now possible to open pull requests against it. If you are interested in getting it running, I think the first thing to do would be to make it build properly on the build server.

What are the rules/ processes at the Syncthing project? Is there any document somewhere? Who should I ping for an code review? (Or should I just wait after I created an Merge Request as I did until now?)

The rules are up to the (sub)project maintainers to decide, which up until recently there weren’t any. :slight_smile: You seem to have gotten good responses on your pull requests so that’s answered I think. There are some contribution guidelines for Syncthing at Contribution Guidelines — Syncthing v1 documentation - they won’t apply verbatim to you, but could be something to base things on.

I’m very pleased to see there are people interested in developing syncthing lite. It’s something I could find very useful, and I suspect others will too so was dissapointed to see it was ‘unmaintained’. Thanks!

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