Syncthing limits

Pressing the limits? What do you all think about 6,000,000 files and 4TB of data, using Syncthing on FreeNAS to weekly REPLICATE Windows Server Shares of millions of files, merely for the ease of Snapshotted backups, ransomware “protected” by the FreeNAS service?

In other words, what are the upper limits of what Syncthing has done, in practice?


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There’s one person here on the forum who has discussed a large setup that I can recall, otherwise I think it’s the case that the large deployments are generally corporate and internal and seldom discussed publicly.

Generally I would say a lot of data is not necessarily a big issue. The scaling constraints are more often number of devices (tens good, hundreds require care, thousands bad) and churn (does all your 4TB of data change all the time? this is tricky).

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