Syncthing kills NAS (NUC with OMV) - how to make it nicer

With the latest version 1.9.0 of syncting running on my NAS (NUC with Atom N2830, single SSD) and openmediavault the system is instable, partly not reachable. Turning syncthing off it runs stable. With earlier versions I had no problems. I tried to follow this recommendation to set maxFolderConcurrency to 1 but still.

see Transfers during initial scan kill system

this is how the load graph looks when syncthing is on with a lot of holes where the whole system stalls


and here is the pic when syncthing is turned off at ~11:45; the system is stable syncthing-off

What else can I do to stabelize the system. Should I go back to an earlier version of syncthing?

At a guess you might want to look at the memory graphs. 1.9 uses a bit more memory than before, 1.10 brings it back down again.

You’re right. The middle part is where I turned off syncthing: rrd

But how do I survive until 1.10 is out?

If you do not mind, you can run the RC release of v1.10.0. Please check

I have not checked this, but would enabling Case Sensitive FS in v1.9 reduce the memory usage back to the v1.8 levels?

It should, yes.

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