Syncthing kills my router, it keeps restarting every 3 mins

I am syncing a PC with an Android.

The latest router I got from the ISP keeps restarting every 3 mins when a sync is running. (Only trying to sync 1-2 GB and 100-200 files.)

Is there any setting I can set to lessen the load on the router?

You can try setting rate limits I guess, but ideally you should get the router replaced.

Doesn’t help. :frowning:

Interestingly the router works well even under heavy bittorrent traffic (sustained 500mbit/s bandwidth) without restarting. It’s only Syncthing that kills it.

I wonder if it’s some of the discovery packets that kill it. Then again if I pause sync the router doesn’t seem to die.

Try disabling local discovery, if that does not help, try disabling nat traversal.

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This may be coincidence if true, but I’ve read here and it was also referenced on Openwrt forums… Some routers may have problems with devices marked as connected but due to power save on the sta client , e.g. a mobile phone, those clients suddently do not want to receive anymore data. This /could/ probably lead to the router sending out data that fails to be received. I just thought when reading this the buffers in the router could fill up quickly with Sync data.

Well, but first the topic starter has to tell us more about the router, chipset and firmware. The “phone is sleeping” problems mainly were discovered on mwlwifi platforms.

My openwrt ap’s for example run fine under heavy Syncthing load - they are ath9k/ath10k radios.

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