Syncthing Killing Phone Connection/Calls - Android 10

Android 10, stock Pixel 3, 5 Dec 2019 security patch.

Yes, Android 10 (QQ1A.191205.008, Dec 2019) on Pixel 3 XL both on stock OS and AOSP built from source

Is the only difference between your phones pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl?

@Catfriend1, yes I believe that’s the only difference. I am also on the same Android build (Q01A.191205.008).

Random musings: it’s not your cell ISP seeing “that weird IPv6 stuff” and disconnecting you as some sort of stupid “precaution”? Could you try with another SIM that’s on a different cell ISP to see if it still happens? v6 local disco shouldn’t be going outside of your local network and when on WiFi, there shouldn’t be any cell data, but this seems such a bizarre problem that it’s worth a try.

So my wild guess is the “Pixel 3 XL” got a poor driver or modem firmware with Google’s Android 10 update.

@dara @youngheart80 Could you please grab that info for me and post it?

adb shell
getprop | grep ro.product 

It would be a first step into the direction to workaround the issue.

I got a 3 XL but I am not on that network, and I see no issues.

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Oh that’s good news, thanks for testing it :-).