Syncthing keep asking me a password

Hi, I have a really weird bug with syncthing. I have never set up a password on the GUI, but syncthing keeps asking me one. I checked the config file and no password is set.

I tried to set a password with syncthing generatate, it didn’t work. I deleted all the config directory, it doesn’t work. I have reinstalled Syncthing, it doesn’t work.

Did someone have a clue of what I could do next ?

Which OS? (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux, Android…)

Official Syncthing package or one of the wrapper applications? (e.g., SyncTrayzor)

If you uninstall Syncthing and also delete the configuration, is there still a password prompt without reinstalling Syncthing?

It sounds to me like a configuration file/folder is being used other than what you expect. The default used locations, if using the official/direct packaging, can be found in Syncthing Configuration — Syncthing documentation (unless you used some arguments/variables to change that, f.e. --config or --home).

If Syncthing asks for a password, it’s set in a config file - that’s for sure. In case you use some wrapper, the locations and methods can of course differ and then you may want to look up the docs/faq there.

Hi, thanks for all your help. But the issue here was me. I have setup a personal proxy on my web browser. This proxy was installed on a vps with another instance of syncthing running.

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