Syncthing isn not syncing between two windows PC

I have several PC computers and android phone syncing. I noted that synchronization sometimes progresses 10 - 15 mins later than I make changes in my folder. What could be the reason and how can I fix it to be sure that all changes are synchronized just in a minute? Today for example phone sync worked fine, but PC sync delayed, then It synced for unknown reason, I don’t the logic here.

PS I have one error in detection devices: global@ Post "": dial tcp: lookup no such host don’t know if it is important

Please post screenshots showing the Syncthing Web GUI on the PC. Please include screenshots of your folder configuration that pops up when you click at the “Edit Folder” button. Especially what’s in the Advanced tab there is important.

The discovery error is normal and unrelated to this issue.

Please add a screenshot of the whole Web GUI too :slightly_smiling_face:.

Also, are you by any chance trying to sync a folder that’s pointed at a drive root, e.g. D:\?

No, there is no folder on device. In web GUI there are my folders listed and here is the shot of device window

Please forgive me, but this makes very little sense :upside_down_face:.

We need to see a screenshot of your whole browser window that shows everything, including folders and devices, and in particular folder paths.

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They are all like that - no paths

Myscreen doesn’t show any paths. I posted all I had on it

Oh, you need to click on the folder label to expand it.

To be more specific, I’d be interested in seeing a screenshot of the entire Web GUI that resembles what you can see at, i.e.

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Thank you for the screenshots.

The Default Folder is unshared, so it should be of no concern here. As for the other two, the one with an unknown name seems to be located somewhere inside the user profile folder, so it should be fine, and while we can’t see the path, I’d assume that the ZoteroDocs folder is also located in a similar location (and not directly in the drive root, that is).

Do you experience the delays with both of the two folders, or is the problem limited to only one of them? Also, just to make sure, did you mean that your files were synced with a delay from the PC to the phone, or rather from the phone to the PC? I assumed the former, but now it doesn’t seem so obvious.

If it’s the latter though, and you receive the files late on the PC after editing them on the phone, then this would mean that the culprit is the phone, and not the PC. If that’s the case, please provide more information about the phone itself (Android version, manufacturer, etc.). Android is finicky, and one thing that needs to always be done is to exclude Syncthing from battery optimisation. The app normally asks for it on the first run, but just in case, you may want to verify the current state in the OS settings. Also, some manufacturers use their own “battery optimisations”, meaning that they may still block or kill apps running in the background regardless.

I myself have also experienced the file watcher not working at all on a Samsung device, but it was running the older Android 7, while I’ve got no such problems with a different Samsung device that runs Android 11.

Yesterday, synchronization with the phone worked fine, but PCs were not synchronized for 15 mins. Today everything is OK. No, same for all folders I think.

It doesn’t work for PC. For devices not for Folder

Xiaomi 9 Pro on Android

Of course, it is excluded batt. optimization

Not an expert, but Xiaomi is known to block background app activities heavily. You may want to have a look at

Resuming. The phone works as it is. I installed SyncTraizor, it’s great. On virtual machine the program generates too many adresses to DPT ports, so it is impossible to use for security reasons of organization.

Now on my phone it works always, i have a syncthing icon on the top of the screen. But it seems, synchronization goes only through wifi

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