Syncthing is slow/stalling syncing between Ubuntu and Android

Running Ubuntu Gnome 16.10 on a Thinkpad t450s and Android Nougat on a Oneplus 3t.

I’m getting really inconsistent transfer rates. They began at a few MiB/S but have since dropped to about 20KiB/S and now to zero.

Another strange inconsistency: my main phone (Oneplus 3t) is syncing to two devices, my computer (t450s) and an old android phone (HTC One M8) I use as a makeshift syncthing server to back up photos. On the Oneplus 3t, both the T450s and the One M8 always show the same sync level (“Syncing xx%”).

Reading around the forum, I get the impression that connecting via relay and IPv6 could be relevant here, but I’m having trouble understanding how to troubleshoot this. Any help appreciated!

Check the logs on all devices.

Having trouble with this step. On Ubuntu, according to the command syncthing -paths, the log file should be located at /home/[username]/.config/syncthing/syncthing.log - but there’s no such file there. Where should I look?

Android logfiles are both here:

It logs to stdout by default I think. The default log to file is inly enabled on windows.

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