syncthing is retransmit all data in file or only block changed

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Need help , I want to use syncthing to sync big file. I want to know if i only changed some data in the middle of this file. The whole file will be transmit or only transmit block changed.

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Please check

Thank you for your reply. in fact I review it before I post. It mentioned if append data, it will support transmit block changed. but My question: if data insert in the middle of file or delete some part what happened?

As far as my understanding goes, it does not matter where in the file you append the data. Syncthing should synchronise the modified blocks only.

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You can’t “insert data in the middle of the file”, no drive/filesystem supports inserting in the middle, there is no way to move the remainer for the file further to make a gap to insert data.

You can only overwrite the data in the middle, or you have to rewrite the remainer of the file to simulate an insert.

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Thank you, so what will happen

Different things can happen depending on details. Why don’t you try it and see if it works for your purpose or not?

I confused what I see. I use syncthing to backup mongodb. It keep doing scanning ,upload(when uploaded 80%, it reupload from scratch) then stoped(red color stop come out at web gui). I am very strange about this.

Syncing live databases will definately lead to corruption of a database don’t do that.

Databases usually use mmapped files which are not supposed to be synced.

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