Syncthing is one year old!

:cake: Party party! :cake:

Syncthing 0.1 was released on the 22nd of December 2013. That’s about a year ago. First binary release that anyone could try was a few days later, on Dec 30. :slight_smile:

I had a nice blog post all planned out to celebrate where it started and what’s happened since, but it turns out I suck at writing words. Code is easier. So let me just take the opportunity to say that…

This was much harder than I expected – but luckily I couldn’t predict that or I wouldn’t have attempted it!

None of this would have been possible without the help and support from all of you in the community who test, file bugs, answer questions in the forum and offer supportive comments now and then! :wink:

From being just me on day one, there’s now 33 authors on file who have contributed code, GUI, graphics and tests. A big shoutout to @AudriusButkevicius who jumped in at the deep end and is pulling a heavy load today. This can only get better, with more skilled and engaged developers joining the project by the day and week!

Syncthing’s available in nineteen languages, all thanks to the hard (and quite boring) work of the translators. Huge kudos to you!

I was kind of hoping to be able to release v1.0 yesterday, that would have been cool, but we’re not there yet. It’ll be released when it’s ready.

All in all, the future is bright and I have great hopes this will be a nifty little project. But I think it’s important that we don’t see Syncthing as the The One and Only Sync Tool – there are lots of other tools that solve slightly different problems in awesome ways, and we should not try to solve all problems. The intention was always for Syncthing to be somewhat of a proof of concept, with the real “product” being the standardized protocol. There are already embryos of reimplementations in other languages and I hope to see more of this – with specializations suitable for their respective platforms, or as generic libraries usable as components in other solutions.

So thanks everyone, hack on and keep filing those bugs and feature requests, and lets hope we’re somewhere even better next year! :fireworks:


Thank YOU for the idea and for listening to us users. For me that was the #1 reason to dump BTSync and their bullshit attitude regarding user requests and needs. I would love to contribute code myself, but from what little I have seen I really don’t like Go. Is there a C# porting effort around?

Happy birthday Syncthing!

And Jakob, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into. It is amazing how far it has come in just one year!

On behalf of the silent users, sincere thanks for the sustained effort.

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Thanks for the nice piece of software. I started using it few days back and it works great.

Thank you very much! And happy birthday!

I only have a very tiny usecase for now. But Syncthing is syncing my notebook and my desktop rock solidly. It just works! Awesome!

It seems Syncthing has reached the 4000 mark :+1: :smile: (see

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Yes, saw that today. Exciting.

Happy birthday, Syncthing!

Thanks for the good work. Your program is awsome!

Well done. Impressive work.