Syncthing is crashing my computer!

I think my Syncthing installation is broken. Whenever I try to sync files, on my web browser it freezes at 0% and on my mobile, it freezes at 83% and because it doesn’t move I close it, but the command prompt is still up and I can’t remove it with task manager, it causes my computer to crash!

I am using the latest version (1.9.0) on windows 10 64bit.

If your drives are USB and you have either lots of drives or lots of files, this does happen (to me). What seems to happen is the indexing takes a lot of cpu time, and the USB host creates a bottle neck, which results in a hung computer. howvever if you leave it alone it does come back.

if you have lots of drives / sync folders, set maxconcurrency to a low number eg, 2

I’m not using USB and syncing a few files that max 20MB. This only started happening recently and was not an issue before.

I can’t seem to find maxconcurrency

Menu - Advanced - Options - Max Folder Concurrency

To get actual help you’ll need to give tangible information: What do you mean by “causes my computer to crash”, i.e. what does actually happen? What’s the resource usage (cpu, memory, …)? What do the Syncthing logs say? Just generally think of what might be relevant and include all of it in a support request. Screenshots are usually useful too.

I don’t know what it was, but Syncthing is working fine again after updating it to the latest from 1.9.0.

The logs gave general info about connecting to the device etc… else I would have posted info here. As per the crashing itself, it was when I attempted to close Syncthing via Task Manager after it didn’t respond to me closing it directly in the Taskbar. As far as resource usage it was running normally when trying to close Syncthing.

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