Syncthing instances does not connect

Both computers are located on the same network and both have entered the other’s ID. On both computers, the version is 14.3 in the standard setting. Nevertheless, the two computers do not see each other. Two mobile phones that are on the same network connect without any problems to the two computer?

If it’s Windows, one of the devices might think it’s on a “public” network, which causes windows firewall to filter multicast packets out, killing local discovery.

Enable global discovery.

No it is both Linux Mint

The same argument applies, some distributions firewalls filter out mutlicast packets by default.

Both global an local discovery is enabled on both mashines.

Does discovery actually show X/Y on both sides?

Also, discovery is cached, so you should give it some time, like 10m.

This is the otput on both mashines the same. I give them hours to find each other

8/8 on both sides? Did you verify that the device IDs are correct on both sides?

Anything useful in the log?

Have deleted the device in Syncthing GTK and added via the web interface again. Thereafter, the connection could be made! In the logs before was nothing unusual.

Could be a syncthing gtk problem. Similar thing happened here:

If you still have the old startup logs, check what address the remote device had.

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