Syncthing Installation Questions

I have installed the latest version of Syncthing on my Debian 7 VPS Server and can’t access the server from another computer as I don’t have a web gui on my Debian server. I am trying to access the server with the IP address of my Debian Server and port 8384, but cannot access the Web Gui. I have confirmed that Syncthing is running by doing a netstat -an and can see that it is listening on port 8384.

On my Windows 10 Machine I enter 81.4.x.x:8384, but I can’t reach the Syncthing Gui. I have turned off my Windows 10 Firewall to remove that from the equation. In addition, I have added:

-A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 8384 -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 8384 -j ACCEPT

to my Iptables file.

My other issue is that I can’t seem to get Syncthing started when the server boots. I’m using a script that I downloaded from the web.

I have copied the syncthing executable to /usr/local/bin/ and have given it root privileges and it is executable. When I issue the command in etc/init.d/


the program does not launch.

If I issue

./syncthing start

it will launch. How do I get this script to autolaunch with root privileges?

All of this (both accessing web ui remotely and init scripts) is explained in the docs.

The script that I’m using came from this website:

I can’t include the script location as I keep getting an error message about new user limitations. I’m only trying to paste one url, but it won’t let me.

I’m familiar with the option, but where can I access the configuration file without a web browser interface?

Location of the config is also explained in the docs. The only scripts we support are the ones we ship with releases, for other scripts consult with who wrote them.

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