syncthing-inotify - no reliable sync

I installed syncthing and syncthing-inotify on my ubuntu desktop and bananapi (a kind of raspberry pi). The installed versions are both “v0.12.21, Linux”. On the first view the syncing seems to work. But unfortunately i noticed, that not all folders are synced. I am launching syncthing-inotify with ‘syncthing-inotify -api=“myapikey”’.

What i did:

  • i made a copy of a synced folder on the bananapi
  • i deleted the synced folder on my ubuntu desktop
  • the folder was deleted on the bananapi
  • i restored the deleted folder by copying it again back on the bananapi
  • i noticed that only the folder was synced on my ubuntu desktop… without the content!!!
  • the missing content of the folder could only be synced on my ubuntudesktop by pressing the button “resfresh” on by bananapi.

What did not work:

  • The restord folder wasn’t completely synced to the ubuntu desktop again.

I need i reliable syncing… Any ideas?? Can you help me? Is this a bug?

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