Syncthing-inotify indexes changes but files are not synced

Some details: I’m running syncthing over an enterprise network. Generally, files are edited on a server and then synced to my local computer. I have a single synced folder that is ~30Gb with 5000 files. The server is running Arch and my local machine runs MacOS.

The issue: I’ve noticed that after a day or two, syncthing and syncthing-inotify are no longer syncing files as they are edited and instead only syncs after a manual rescan or when the rescan interval ends. When I restart the inotify service, inotify then resumes working as expected until at some point, it doesn’t.

Before I restart, I can see that syncthing-inotify is indexing changes: Apr 19 18:17:35 remote_server syncthing-inotify[34184]: [OK] Syncthing is indexing change in sync_folder: [test]

But this does not translate into those indexed files syncing.

Any ideas about what I could check next? Is it possible I didn’t setup syncthing or syncthing inotify correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Look at what Syncthing thinks. Connected? Up to date? Any errors? Does hitting “rescan” in the UI make a difference?

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