syncthing-inotify does not correctly detect file changes in mounted directories

Hello! I have a raspberry pi on which I mount a folder that physically resides on a NAS. This folder is synced with other computers by syncthing. I have noticed that if I add a file to the NAS folder syncthing-inotify does not correctly detect it and does not sync it. If I add the file via the mounted folder (/mnt/folder) on the raspberry pi, the file gets synced correctly. It looks like syncthing-inotify is not able to detect file changes in remote/mounted folders. Is this an expected behavior? Is there any way to get around this limitation? Thanks

This is expected. Inotify is a OS / file system function which reports to all the watching processes, when something is done on the file system. As the OS on the Pi isn’t doing anything on the file system, there is nothing to report.

AFAIK there is nothing to get around this (other than using the default scan interval, instead of inotify, for that folder, of course).


That’s what I suspected. Thanks for the useful information.

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