syncthing-inotify deprecated - but where are the settings?

The notice on the syncthing-inotify page says:

“As of version v0.14.40, the functionality of syncthing-inotify is integrated in Syncthing and can be enabled in the advanced configuration menu for individual folders. We expect to expose it in the folder configuration UI in the near future.”

I’m not sure what this means. If it isn’t in the User Interface, how is it configured and where?

If I look in the advanced folder settings of one of my shares (seemingly a contradiction to the above because to me that’s the UI), I do not see where to configure it.

I’m on 14.43 on OSX with syncthing-inotify purring along nicely, separately I’d like to use the newly merged functionality. Thanks!

You can enable it in advanced config for that folder.

This Advanced config? Because if so I’m not seeing it…

Menu in the top right, them advanced settings.

Ah! Thank you! :smiley:

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