Syncthing init script (sysvinit, no systemd) on CentOS 6.8?

I’ve succesfully installed Syncthing on my VPS based on CentOS 6.8, and it works if I simply run the command from the terminal. I can connect to the server and to the Syncthing panel through the port I’ve configured.

What I don’t know how to do is making it work as a service. The systemctl command is not available on CentOS 6.8, it’s part of systemd, and I must write a init script that I can use through chkconfig.

I’ve tried a few I’ve seen for Debian/Ubuntu, but of course they don’t work. I was wondering if someone could have a valid script to enable this.


My best tip is to not do that; instead install runit and use the suggested runit setup.

Thanks. I’m trying to install runit but I’m not sure I’m doing it right. I’ve tried to compile it without success -I’m much more confident with Debian systems- but at the end I’ve used an RPM package. Then I’ve cloned this but I’m not sure either if this will work. In fact, I’m affraid restarting my server in order to let runit place itself as process number 1 -I understand this is what is does- could break things in my system, and I’ve got several websites hosted here.

Is there some guide (link) where I could follow more precise instructions?

You should not replace your init with runit. :slight_smile: I was hoping there would be a package. I have no experience with CentOS so perhaps my suggestion was a bad one.

Thank you anyway. I’m not that experienced with CentOS myself, so I prefer to not follow this path. I’ll leave it as it is. Regards!

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