Syncthing in the official Arch Linux [community] repository


I’m an Arch Linux TU and have been maintaining Syncthing in the AUR for a few weeks now. But starting with the 0.8.14 release I have migrated Syncthing into the official Arch Linux [community] repository, so anyone can install syncthing on Arch Linux (and derivatives) using pacman -Syy syncthing.

These builds should also flow into the Arch Linux ARM project sometime later today.

Regards, Martin.


Sweet, thanks for the work.

The Archlinux-ARM version should be available soon - some issues regarding GOARCH environment variables have been workarounded:

For approaches to really fix that issues, see:

Stupid discourse only let’s me post 2 links as a new user.

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The build issue is merged, thanks @asdil12. I’ll increase the allowed test runtime. (The limit is there because one of the failure modes was a never ending test…)

Also adding some stuff in the build script to auto detect GOARM when it’s not set, to make this more seamless. Sorry, you seem to be the first guys building natively on ARM, you get the teething problems as reward. :slight_smile:

That should be -Syu syncthing-Syy package can break things!