Syncthing in LAN

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One simple question. I reognized that syncthing is synchronize the data over the internet, but my maschines are in the same network(one of them is a VM :wink: ). Isn’t there a direct connection? Do I have to configure something for this?

I didn’t find something in the documentation.

Thanks a lot!

Connections are always direct (except when they are via a relay) whether on LAN or over the Internet. Devices discover each other automatically over LAN by default.

Hm that’s what I thought.

But why is Syncthing copying a 1gb file only with 350kb/s?

Do you need some screenshots?

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Are you running syncthing on a weak box? There are some issues due to weak hashing performance on arm.

That. Also, check that the device IP address in the GUI shows a local address, and not bounced via your router or, worse, a relay. The latter can happen if everything else is firewalled off.

Thanks for your replies. What do you mean with a weak box? One client is a VM (on the server), the other my laptop. Is the VM the problem? Network settings is set to “bridge” in VWware

Yeah the IP is a local address.

Something like a phone or a raspberry thing. You don’t really fall into that category from the looks of it.

This may or may not allow local discovery to work, depending. I’d double check that the connection is direct (i.e. that the devices to see each other as 192.168.0.x or whatever your internal network is).

Apart from that, no real idea of why it would be that slow.

Thank you. Ah ok.

Hm actually I tried it at home for video editing stuff. Our project folder is now synced over 3 pcs (2 clients, 1 server). All 3 are in the same network and in this case I have transfer rates around 60-100mb/s.

So it have to be a problem with the VM.

Hm I try some things, maybe I found a solution. But it’s not that bad, because I mostly sync textfiles.

Thank you anyway! Greetings

How do you people happen to get such astronomic speeds like 60-100mb/S ? :astonished:

I’ve recently upgraded my whole network to gigabit and I can’t remember to have seen anything ore than 7mb/s (couldn’t even believe it when I saw it first).

My devices are quite powerful (mainly a NAS with Intel Quadcore @ 2.0Ghz and laptop with Core i3 @ 1.7Ghz). I’d like to know your recipes :wink:

I see speeds up to 40 MiB/s (aka ~300 Megabit/s) using Syncthing over the internet (WAN) between two of my devices. That is syncing a single 1.6 GB testfile.
One Quad-core i7 (2.3 GHz, 16 GB ram) and one Dual-core i5 (2.5 GHz, 8 GB ram), both linked to 1 Gigabit/s fiber.

7mb/s? Looks like one device has not 1gbit/ connection. Or wlan. Is it wlan?

Do you have at least cat5 cables? Is your router/switch gbit or 100mbit?

hm core i3 is not that powerfull, but also this one can definitly more than 7mb/s.

List all your devices in a row here and I’ll will have a look on it. :slightly_smiling:

My one is: i7 5960x to xeon E3 1230v3. But this have nothing to do with the network speed :wink: Your mainboards, switch, router etc. have to be 1gbit available.

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