Syncthing in freenas plugin jail wont start after autoupdate to 0.14.38


My Freenas server has been running syncthing fine for a long time in a plugin jail. But after autoupdate to the most recent version 0.14.38 (from 0.14.37) it wont start anymore. Tested this two times by rolling back the ZFS snapshots to just before the update, update auto installs, syncthing wont start anymore. Unfortunately I have no idea how to access an errorlog, can anyone help my with this? Or is there an already known bug concerning this?

Thanks in advance

There is one known bug, but until now only Android seemed to be affected: If the conversion of the “.stfolder” file to a directory fails, Syncthing exits. You can manually check in the folder roots whether there is a “.stfolder” directory after update.

Logs are written to stdout, so where/whether it is stored depends on how you run syncthing.

If this is the bug, auto update to 0.14.39-rc.1 (or manually, if it exits before auto upgrading…).

I still have .stfolder files on the freenas server, but stfolder folder on the clients. That could be the problem. So how do I update to the rc, when normally it auto updates to 0.14.38 so fast I’m bareley able to login to the webinterface?

Either manually update by downloading the rc binary and replacing the existing one or create the .stfolder directories manually instead of upgrading.

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