Syncthing in Diverse Network HOWTO (Mac, Linux, Windows, Raspberry)

Here’s a brief summary for getting Syncthing running on a diverse network. Some methods have alternatives. These are what worked for me.

LINUX Install using - executable or distribution system such as apt-get Automatic start using - syncthing.desktop file in the .config/autostart directory on Raspberry Pi using the default PIXEL desktop manager of the Raspian Linux distribution. Command line does accept the -no-browser command options, but startup doesn’t work if -no-console option is used.

[Desktop Entry] Type=Application Name=Syncthing Loader Icon= Exec=syncthing -no-browser StartupNotify=false

Stop program using - use the web control panel

MAC Install using - executable Automatic start using - syncthing.plist file in ~/Library/LaunchAgents directory, and launchctl load command. Plist file requires no command line options. Stop program using - use the web control panel, or lauchctl unload command.

WINDOWS Install using - executable (although I hear some wrappers are really good I haven’t used them yet) Automatic start using - bat file per Syncthing docs, but this can be done easier skipping the bat file and directly putting the command line into a shortcut in the startup directory (found with winkey-R, then “shell:startup” command). Use both -no-browser and -no-console command line options. Stop program using - use the web control panel.